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Types of Breast Lifts: Your Guide to Perkier Breasts

Woman holding her breasts from underneath (model) shown wearing a pink shirt.

Breast lift surgery (known clinically as a mastopexy) can elevate the breasts to a more youthful position while removing excess, sagging skin and addressing cosmetic concerns related to the nipple and areola. There are different types of breast lifts, each using a different technique and suited for different candidates. If “perkier boobs” are on your aesthetic wish list, read on to find out how a mastopexy can help—and which breast lift technique is best for you.

Concentric Lift

The least invasive breast lift technique, the incision for the procedure traces the edges of the areola in a “doughnut” shape. The natural color delineation of this area makes the scar near-invisible once it has healed.

A concentric breast lift is best suited for women with minor sagging and limited skin laxity. Patients needing a more significant lift will require a more extensive incision to achieve their desired result.

Before & After Concentric 'Doughnut' Breast Lift
Before & After Concentric 'Doughnut' Breast Lift

Circumvertical Lift

Also called a “lollipop” lift, this breast lift technique adds a vertical line to the periareolar incision used in a concentric lift. It provides a moderate lift to the breasts. Most women are good candidates for this technique, especially if they have excess skin after pregnancy or weight loss.

Although more conspicuously placed, scars from a circumvertical lift will flatten, lighten, and fade over time. I take great care with my suturing to minimize scarring and will make sure that you are fully informed and prepared for your recovery.

Before & After Circumvertical 'Lollipop' Breast Lift
Before & After Circumvertical 'Lollipop' Breast Lift
Before & After Circumvertical 'Lollipop' Breast Lift

Inverted “T” Lift

The inverted “T” or anchor lift provides the most dramatic transformation. It adds a horizontal incision along the breast crease to the circumvertical incisions, allowing for extensive breast enhancements.

This technique is best suited for women with significant sagging and skin laxity and those with large, heavy breasts.

Before & After Inverted T 'Anchor' Breast Lift

Breast Lift with Implants

Also called an “augmentation mastopexy,” this procedure combines the perkiness and tightening effects of a breast lift with the upper breast volume of a breast augmentation. During this procedure, the excess skin is removed, the breasts are repositioned, and implants are inserted to give the patient their desired shape, volume, and projection.

If you are unsure whether a breast lift with implants or a breast augmentation alone is better for you, please read our related blog post.

Before & After Augmentation Mastopexy
Before & After Augmentation Mastopexy

Breast Lift and Reduction

Conversely, some women may prefer to reduce their breast size during their mastopexy procedure. I will remove the excess volume and excise the loose, sagging skin. The remaining skin will then be tightened, and your breasts will be raised along the chest wall.

Downturned nipples can also be corrected and repositioned. If needed, I can also reduce the size of the areola to be more proportionate to your smaller breasts.

Before & After Breast Lift with Reduction
Before & After Breast Lift with Reduction
Before & After Breast Lift with Reduction
Before & After Breast Lift with Reduction
Before & After Breast Lift with Reduction

Schedule a Consultation

An initial consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon involves discussing your aesthetic goals and treatment options so that you can choose the best breast lift technique for your body. See for yourself what a breast lift (or combined procedure) can achieve in our before and after photo gallery!

To start exploring your breast lift options, please request a consultation or call us at (847) 504-2333.

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