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Category Archives: Breast Implant Removal

A woman in Northbrook, IL, poses after getting breast augmentation.

Comparing 4 Breast Implant Removal (Explant Surgery) Techniques – Updated 2023

Explant surgery is a safe and effective way to remove breast implants, whether you are experiencing complications or have simply had a change of heart. The reasons why women choose to have their implants removed are unique to each individual, and so is the approach to explant surgery. At my At my cosmetic surgery practice …

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Woman with a slim athletic figure (model) jogging outdoors on a bridge while smiling.

Removing Breast Implants: Dr. Sisco Answers 5 of Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering removing your breast implants? Whether it's due to personal preference, lifestyle changes, or concerns about implant-related issues, gathering as much information as possible is essential to making the right decision for your situation. This post will answer 5 frequently asked questions about breast implant removal, also called explant surgery. 1.    What Are the …

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Woman Thinking about Removing breast implants

I’m Thinking of Removing My Breast Implants. Should I Have a Lift?

Breast implant removal (or "explant surgery") may be a good solution for women whose bodies or aesthetic goals have changed since their breast augmentation. At my Northbrook cosmetic surgery practice near Arlington Heights, I sometimes recommend including a breast lift to achieve the best results. However, while including a lift is highly beneficial for the …

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A woman in Northbrook, IL, is happy with her decision to have her breast implants checked.

Breast Explant Procedure: What Is En Bloc Capsulectomy? (Updated 2023)

Recently, I have received more inquiries at my Northbrook plastic surgery practice regarding breast implant removal surgery. The most common reasons for a woman to choose to have her breast implants removed are health concerns, changes to the implants and the breasts over time, and the feeling that the implants are too large or heavy …

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A woman in Northbrook, IL, is happy with her decision to have her breast implants checked.

Breast Implant Illness: An Honest Appraisal

Over the past several years, increasing numbers of women have sought me out to remove their breast implants for symptoms they attribute to “breast implant illness.” Most of them report a constellation of symptoms, including fatigue, cognitive problems, hair and skin changes, and the like. Breast implants have been around for over fifty years, so …

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A Reputation Built on Results

Dr. Sisco and his office are great to work with. He did an exceptional job on my reconstruction surgery....
Wonderful, highly skilled and caring doctor. Breast reduction was a great success and I am very pleased...
Dr. Mark Sisco and his staff have provided me with excellent care. I am impressed with my results, and...
Dr. Sisco performed my breast implant removal under local anesthesia. I was initially impressed by his...

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