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Dr. Mark Freeman

We Are Open!

Now that the COVID-19 curve is flattening, we are expanding our clinical operations to welcome new and returning patients for in-office procedures and consultations. To maximize safety, we have instituted the following precautions: Screening of patients and employees (with testing whenever indicated) – we screen for symptoms and perform temperature screening. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): All …

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Dr. Mark Freeman

Breast Explant Procedure: What Is En Bloc Capsulectomy?

Recently, I have received more inquiries at my Northbrook plastic surgery practice regarding having breast implant removal surgery. The most common reasons for a woman to choose to have her breast implants removed are health concerns, changes to the implants and the breasts over time, and the feeling that the implants are too large or …

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Dr. Mark Freeman

Breast Implant Illness: An Honest Appraisal

Over the past several years, increasing numbers of women have sought me out at my Northbrook plastic surgery practice to remove their breast implants for symptoms they attribute to “breast implant illness.” Most of them report a constellation of symptoms including fatigue, cognitive problems, hair and skin changes, and the like. Breast implants have been …

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